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Dremel Moto-Saw

The Dremel Moto-Saw is a compact and easy-to-use scroll saw for making detailed cuts in different materials. With its range of different saw blades, the Dremel Moto-Saw can handle many different materials easily. Thanks to its detachable fretsaw, it can be used not only stationary but in-hand anywhere. This user-friendly scroll saw is not only easy to store and set-up, but also easy to operate. The Dremel Moto-Saw is the most user-friendly scroll saw.

Product Code: F013MS20JB

Dremel Moto-Saw
2x General Purpose Wood Cutting Saw Blade (MS51) - Saw blade for straight and large diameter curved cuts in wooden and plastic materials. This blade has 6 teeth per centimetre ensuring a good balance between speed and precision - Total length: 100 mm Cutting depth: 18 mm Teeth per centimetre: 6 Blade width: 0,4 mm Blade depth: 2,5 mm
2x Fine Wood Cutting Saw Blade (MS52) - Saw blade for detailed cuts in wooden materials. This blade has 7 teeth per centimetre ensuring the finest cutting results - Total length: 100 mm Cutting depth: 12 mm Teeth per centimetre: 7 Blade width: 0,2 mm Blade depth: 1,9 mm
1 x Metal Cutting Saw Blade (MS53) - Saw blade for cutting soft sheet metal. This blade has 10 teeth per centimetre ensuring excellent cuts - Total length: 100 mm Cutting depth: 3 mm Teeth per centimetre: 10 Blade width: 0,2 mm Blade depth: 1,9 mm
Parallel Guide attachment
Instruction manual
Sturdy and spacious storage case

Easy to use: quick accessory change combined with effortless set-up and storage due to its compact size.
Dual functioning: stationary mode for precision work and handheld mode for larger work pieces.
Reduced vibration: hold down foot.
Precise straight cuts: guide rails and parallel guide to assist cutting up to 18 mm.
Match speed to project at hand: Full variable speed control (1.500-2.250 RPM)

Rated power input: 70 W
Voltage: 220 - 240 V
Weight: 1,10 kg
No load speed: 1.500 - 2.250 1/min




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