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Andy gets asked lots of questions, particularly about choosing the right lawn mower. So before you ask your question, the answer might just be below:

What to consider when choosing a mower ...

Who or what uses the lawn?
Children – they leave toys
Animals – they leave bones etc
Clothes line – Mum drops pegs!
Trees – drop leaves, cones, twigs, etc

Type of finish

  Professional – bowling green/putting green – look achieved by a machine with a rear roller - a cylinder mower gives that traditional striped appearance. It is also possible with a rear roller rotary machine.

A less formal finish –  a rotary mower will keep it tidy and looking like this

Discarded items, hollows, bumps etc
Rotary blade throws things off. 
Cylinder mower can get jammed and blades bent. Flower beds/borders – 4 wheeled machines may drop a wheel off the edge and take a chunk out of the lawn border.

Rear roller machines give better support.
Long gardens – consider a petrol powered machine. A long cable will cause a loss of power to an electrical machine, especially noticeable with a hover mower.
Slopes over 15Ί could cause oil starvation in a petrol engine.
Steps – your machine will need to be carried
Cables may get wrapped around trees etc.

Who will use the mower?
Consider pull starting the machine.
Some people might prefer an electric start
Power drive requires less effort to propel
Mains/electric don’t require petrol or oil
Battery mowers don’t have cables, petrol or oil

What size of machine?
When selecting the right machine consider the lawn area
Small lawn area – 28cm to 35cm (10” to 14”)
Medium lawn area – 35cm to 46cm (14” to 18”)
Large lawn area – 46cm to 55cm (18” to 22”)
Extra large – 55cm + (22”+)
Paddock area – rotary mulch

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